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Volunteer Service

Volunteers are the backbone of our society. You know this, so do we, so do collegiate and corporate recruiters. Your volunteer service has given you marketable skills in the service industry. It also helps to separate you from the pack.

Most college and job placement services don't cover volunteer service, however we at Vivolve want to change that by setting a new standard. Blood Bank services, Meals on Wheels, nurse's aide, Home Care, you name it! If you do volunteer service you want to get it recognized, and you can,

With Vivolve!

Vivolve enables you to highlight your volunteer service in addition to academic, athletic and arts participation. Once you register with Vivolve you will be invited to complete the kind of profile that makes you stand out. Unlike those other sites that just want your name and phone number to toss into a mailing list, Vivolve allows you to truly describe your achievements, skills and your volunteer service. All of this, as well as any paying positions you have held.

There are so many ways for students to shine in high school, and yet so often students only show their test scores and GPA.

Today, colleges and career recruiters consider more than just grades. Being able to tout volunteer service hours puts you at a big advantage. Today's recruiters want students who will apply their education and bring the most they can to a company. We already know that kind of student is YOU.


It's Fast, Free and For You - Vivolve!

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