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By being a part of Vivolve you are not just creating and maintaining a profile, you are an explorer, a trail blazer, a pioneer, part of the future. The days of paper forms, bewildered graduates and students blindly sending off SAT scores to unfamiliar colleges are numbered. We want to thank you for doing your part.

For our part, the Vivolve team is always looking at new and innovative ways to make our students' Vivolve experience better. Sharing is caring after all, so Vivolve is proud to announce the roll-out of V-Rewards, where Vivolve students earn points for stuff they are doing anyway.

Earn 1,000 points just for creating an account; earn 250 3,000 points for referring your friend! Earning points has never been easier. Your points will automatically be displayed on your MyVivo page so keeping track of your points is as easy as logging on.

Of course, the purpose of collecting points is to use them and Vivolve will be working hard to offer cool stuff, from clothing to computers and more!


It's Fast, Free and For You - Vivolve!

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