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Today, there is fierce competition for students, athletes and/or young employees. Every organization, ranging from university Admissions Offices to corporate Human Resources must utilize the most effective and cost-efficient tools enabling them to locate and attract the most qualified candidates.

Vivolve is the first platform that allows today's high school students to showcase their academic, athletic and career highlights all in one place. As our service is free for both students and recruiters, Vivolve has become the key resource for students looking for post-high school opportunities, as well as recruiters seeking the best and brightest.

As a registered recruiter with Vivolve, you will have 24/7 access to an extensive database of today's students. We carry all of the critical information you require from grades and achievement awards to attendance and interests. We are the platform that allows you to locate and recruit the very students for which you are looking.

  • College admissions counselors can match their school's admissions criteria with scores of potential candidates, speeding up the qualified candidate process.
  • Athletic coaches will be able to enter desired key statistics in the search query, eventually leading to scores of potentially qualified athletes that could be a nice fit for their rosters.
  • Corporate recruiters will be able to search for qualified candidates, review the easy-to-read resumes and even watch online interviews, allowing the ability to narrow their focus to the most highly qualified teens in order to fill either a full time paid position or an internship.

Recruiters are able to contact students directly via our secure CommCenter. If your request is accepted, you will have direct access to the student's contact information making for a very seamless process.

Security: Due to the sensitive and personal nature of the information contained within the Vivolve database, security is our highest priority. Once you have applied for access via an organizational email address, we will verify your position with your institution before we activate your account. We make no exceptions to this rule. This verification process is streamlined and can be achieved quickly.


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