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High School is just that, school. You've done your part and yet most of what you hear now is "college, college, college", basically, more school.

You just aren't interested, or maybe you cannot afford a college experience. The truth is, you know college is not for you. That's okay. You are not alone.

Despite the hype, college isn't for everyone. If it was it would be way cheaper and not have a 50% drop-out rate. At Vivolve we know there is something to be said for those who graduate and get a job. Trades, technology, service, industrial, these are the jobs that comprise the backbone of the country and if this is where you want to be, we want to help you get there.

Vivolve is here to help you do more than just "get a job" we want to help you secure a career. Let Vivolve be your own personal job coach; maximizing your potential, highlighting your skills, and putting you forward to those companies looking for people just like you.

Whether you are pursuing a career in the skilled trades, a management training program or one of the many apprenticeship opportunities that can yield big paychecks, a Vivolve profile can set you up to catch opportunities that would surely have passed you by.

Let's face it - your school counselors are pretty much focusing on the college-bound. Commendable though that may be, its not helping you that much. Besides, with the job(s) you've been holding throughout high school you already know what it takes to get hired, you just need to know where the HR office is. Let Vivolve open the door.


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