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Visual Arts, Dance, Theater and Music

Maintaining a good GPA and performing well on tests are only a small part of high school. Most teens try to do their best where grades are concerned, so it's pretty easy to get lost in the crowd. Where today's savvy students stand out, is in their extra curricular activity participation. Theater, Music, and the Arts are a vital part of your high school life. College and company recruiters know this, so do we and so do you.

Most places just cover the basics, leaving all that great work you've been doing somewhere at the bottom. How can you really show what you're made of, how do YOU stand out as an individual?

With Vivolve!

Vivolve enables you to highlight your rhetoric and thespian skills. Your participation in Dance or the Visual Arts becomes a real asset; particularly to those colleges which themselves have Theater or Arts concentrations. Those years of Band and Orchestra are really going to open doors for you, as music scholarships have multiplied over the last few years.

Instead of you hunting around for colleges online, trying to see if this school has music scholarships or a reputable theater department, the colleges will come to you!

After registering with Vivolve you will be invited to complete the kind profile that makes you stand out. Unlike those other sites that just want your name and phone number to toss into a mailing list, Vivolve allows you to truly describe your achievements and skills. Do you play guitar? Did you snag the lead in "Death of a Salesman"? Were you in a dance troop? There are so many ways for students to shine in high school, and yet so often students only highlight their test scores and GPA.

Those days are over. Today, colleges and career recruiters dig deeper and want more than to just fill their roster with numbers. They want students who will get the most of their education, or bring the most to the company. We already know that kind of student is YOU.

Here's a list of the different Arts Profiles:

Band OrchestraVisual Arts


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