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High School is the first step. Your family stands behind you, your grades are good, financial aid looks promising; whatever year you are graduating, you are college bound.

Where do you begin? There are thousands of schools to choose from, how do you pick one name from a list that is 15 pages long?!

Enter Vivolve!

Vivolve allows you to take this very complicated, time consuming, and often confusing process and make it simple.

Instead of you hunting around for colleges online, trying to decide which school will NOT treat you like just a number and a 3-month payment plan, what if they came to you?

After completing a very quick Vivolve profile, you will have created something new; something previously non-existent. Your Vivolve profile will become your "educational resume". That resume will be searchable by college recruiters. If a recruiter has 5 theater scholarships, they will search for students with a strong theater background and an education profile with Drama Club and Thespian membership will be sent to that recruiter.

Because, unlike a typical work resume which is just a drop in the bucket, your educational resume will be a much more accurate account of the real you - your academic record, your sports interests, what clubs you joined, awards you have won. If you have already taken the SAT or ACT, then you know that those tests just turn you into a number. While having a good number is important, the good schools look deeper than just filling the roster with numbers, they want students who will get the most of their education. That student is YOU.


It's Fast, Free and For You - Vivolve!

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