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Why Vivolve

There is life after high school.

You keep hearing this, and everyone has advice on what you should do, but how many of them can actually help you do it?

Vivolve can!

When you join Vivolve you automatically gain exposure to our many partners: universities, trade schools, and businesses looking to hire. Even better, Vivolve's CommCenter lets you communicate with them directly.

Registration is easy because it's the usual name and email stuff (so we can notify you of your registration and take you to the VIP entrance). Once you are registered you can sign in through the VIP access and start Vivolving.

Vivolving is really easy with only 3 steps needed to achieve Vivolution.

My Profile:

This is your brag space Our easy to use drop downs and menus allow you to show your best. Outline your Academics, Athletics, Performing Arts and/or Community activities while in school. This is exactly the stuff that colleges, coaches, scholarship administrators and job recruiters want to know!

My Prospects:

Let's help you figure out what it is you really want to do and where you want to go with your life. There are more options after high school than just college... what about the Peace Corps or an Exchange program? Love to work with your hands? Are you a born salesman? Our tools will help you find your way.

My Personality:

Where you get to be you! What you like, what you don't like, what separates you from the crowd? You want your opinion heard? This is the place to become an influence.


It's Fast, Free and For You - Vivolve!

Get Started

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