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The following Privacy Policy, effective January 1, 2009, explains in detail the information that may be collected on Vivolve, how we collect your data, the choices you can make about your personal information and how we protect your personal information. The Privacy Policy also provides information on how we protect other types of personal information, such as for employees, shareholders or job applicants.

Information We Collect And How We Use It

You can always visit our website and learn about our service without providing any personal information. If you would like to take part in our services, you can choose one of two options:

  • OPT-IN: When students register, they are automatically in Vivolve's 'opt-in' status. This allows their generic (non-identifiable) information to be included in searches or surveys initiated by Marketing Partners. Markerters can send out messages via CommCenter to groups based on identified preferences but cannot single out students individually. At no time will a student's full name ever be revealed to any marketing partner via Vivolve.com.

    Some of the types of opportunities that can benefit a student include: college admissions opportunities, college athletic opportunities, scholarship opportunities, job opportunities, participation in product development, free offers, free samples, free entries into selected contests to name just a few.
  • OPT-OUT: By choosing not to complete Lifestyle information questions, students automatically 'opt-out' of Marketing Partner searches and surveys. Note: This will exclude the student from receiving any special free offers from any/all Vivolve Marketing Partners. The student will still be enrolled and available for Academic and Athletic Recruiters.

Method of Contact

In the case of an OPT-IN registration, we do make available the personal information that you provide to us to our data subscribers and registered recruiters. This release of information is granted only after you have acknowledged a specific request for your information from a specific registered party by clicking the 'unlock my profile' button. This release of information will only take place for purposes consistent with the reason you provide it.

We will never share your personal information with our registered data subscribers and/or recruiters, if you have indicated that you do not want your information being passed on to that specific party by clicking the 'keep profile locked' button.

At no time will a student's full name ever be revealed to any marketing partner via Vivolve.com.

Other Info We Collect

In addition to your profile(s), Vivolve might collect non-personal information such as browser type, operating system, and web pages visited to help manage our websites and make sure web pages display correctly.

Also, Vivolve might obtain other information about you such as change of address or demographic information from commercially available sources. We may also obtain contact information through commercially available mailing lists.

If you do not provide your explicit consent, we will never share your information with any party for any reason. Further, if at any time you choose to have all of your information blocked from all data subscribers, you need to contact us immediately and your information will be blocked immediately.

Information Sharing

Vivolve will not share personal information with third parties (other marketers) unless we have clearly asked for and obtained your explicit consent. If you have not provided your consent, we will not share your personal information. If you provided your consent to share your personal information with other companies, we may share that information with companies who offer products and services that may be of interest to you. These companies may then contact you directly.

Vivolve may use other companies to mail product samples, manage websites or contact contest winners on our behalf. Vivolve will temporarily provide these companies with only the personal information they need to provide these services. We require these companies to protect this personal information to the same standard Vivolve does and to not use the information for any other purpose.

If a Vivolve brand is sold to another company, personal information provided to that brand may be transferred to the purchaser.

Vivolve will disclose personal information to law enforcement agencies when the request is accompanied with a court order.

Choices & Access To Your Information

Vivolve's success is rooted in accurate information. As such, we not only allow, but strongly encourage you to keep all of your information accurate and up-to-date, ensuring you the power of having the most effective profile(s) you can display. Access to your profile(s) is always free and can be done on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis.

Any information that needs to be updated or altered by the Vivolve staff will done in a very timely manner as soon as notification is made via email.

Vivolve always allows you to choose to receive or stop receiving communications. You may opt out from any type of communication, at any time, by following the opt-out instructions provided in OPT-OUT category at the end of this Privacy Policy. You can also be removed from Vivolve programs you enrolled in or prevent further use of your personal information through this Privacy Policy.

Use of Cookies and Beacons

Vivolve uses cookies and web beacons to manage our website and e-mail programs. We do not use cookies or web beacons to collect or store personal information.

A cookie is a small file placed on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are used to store non personal information used to manage your website experience such as your type of web browser. A cookie can also store preference information to customize your website experience.

Web beacons are small bits of computer code that help manage a website or e-mail such as to count how many people visit a web page or open an email.

Cookies and web beacons help us understand how consumers use our websites and emails so we can design better services in the future.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies. To learn more about cookies, including how to refuse cookies on your computer, click these links:

Vivolve may use other companies to provide e-mail delivery or place advertising on other websites. Vivolve does not control these companies' use of cookies. If you would like to opt out of the cookies set by these companies, you can do so by following the options provided by the Network Advertising Initiative.

Information Security

Vivolve has pledged that the security of the personal information collected is the company's number one priority. To that end we have hired the very best IT personnel to make sure that all of the data collected is shielded from theft, misuse or alteration.

The screening process for potential recruiters and/or data subscribers is second to none, as we contact each and every organization via telephone for ID verification. In addition, access to our database in limited to individuals who have a business need consistent with the reason the information was provided. Personal information is deleted from our database after a reasonable amount of time has passed with no activity or immediately upon request via email.

When we contract with other companies to provide services for Vivolve and then temporarily provide personal information with them for that purpose, we require those companies to protect the information to the same standard Vivolve does.

When we collect or transmit sensitive information such as a credit card number or health information, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for added protection. Your browser indicates that SSL is in place by displaying either an unbroken key or a closed lock at the bottom of your browser window.

Transferring Collected Information

When Vivolve transfers personal information to countries other than the country where it was provided, we do so in compliance with applicable data protection laws.

Vivolve protects personal information no matter what country it is stored in or transferred to. We have procedures and data transfer contracts as appropriate to help ensure this.

Vivolve adheres to all data privacy laws, as well as the U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Program.

Sites Covered by This Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to websites operated by or on behalf Vivolve and its affiliated companies and subsidiaries.

Some Vivolve websites may contain links to non-Vivolve websites. Vivolve is not responsible for the privacy policies of those websites. We recommend you review the privacy policies of each site you visit.

Children's Online Personal Privacy Act of 1998

The Children's Online Personal Privacy Act of 1998 (COPPA) states that online websites cannot legally collect data from individuals under the age of 13 years. Vivolve, however, has the highest regard for the privacy of children's private information. As such Vivolve will never collect data from individuals that are under the age of 13 years old.

In addition, Vivolve strongly encourages parents and guardians to spend time online with their children to participate in and monitor their online activity. All data collection activities on the Vivolve website is done in strict compliance with applicable U.S. laws.

Without exception, parents can obtain a copy of, correct or update the personal information their child provided to Vivolve. Parents can instruct us to no longer contact the child and to remove their child's information via email and all records will be removed immediately.

Acceptance of Our Privacy Policy

By using the Vivolve website, you acknowledge your acceptance of this Privacy Policy, and you adhere to the terms and conditions posted on the website. If you do not agree with any of these terms in, please do not use this website or submit any personal information.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns regarding your privacy, please contact Vivolve directly.

Vivolve is committed to working with consumers to obtain a fair resolution of any complaint or concern about privacy. We work closely with any data protection advocates if they believe that a privacy problem has occurred.

Last Updated: July 06, 2011

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