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Our invaluable partners come from all sectors of today's professional community. If you are concerned with getting students to recognize your brand, your mission, or your vision, then become a Vivolve Partner. We will enable you to meet your goals while helping today's generation reach theirs.

  • Corporate Partnerships to increase market exposure and corporate citizenship

  • Non-Profit & Foundation Partnerships provide customized surveys and non-corporate recruiting

  • Academic Partnerships allow for the most effective use of tight advertising dollars. Next year's graduates are already here!

Vivolve offers a suite of powerful tools which enables efficient, effective and low cost database access providing the information you need. Our advertising options allow for custom fit multi-level approaches which maximize results and lower costs. Additionally, our patented CommCenter gives you secure and responsive direct stream communication with students, providing for highly effective promotions and participatory marketing campaigns.


Contact us today to become a Vivolve Partner!

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