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About Vivolve

Mission Statement

Vivolve exists to:

  • Establish and maintain relationships with the teen market by allowing them to maximize their future opportunities
  • Simplify the recruiting process for colleges, universities and companies
  • Show companies a better way to market to teens
  • Give teens a voice
  • Do the right thing even when nobody is looking
"There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being
- to help someone succeed."
-Alan Loy McGinnis

Concept Overview

At some point in time, every high school student has to make a choice: go to college or get an early start on a career. Students that choose college need to not only find the right school, but in many cases, they have to secure some type of scholarship or financial aid to be able to make that dream a reality.

Then there are the student-athletes, who face the long odds of advancing their game to the next level with stiff competition for exposure, positions and limited resources.

Those choosing to go directly to work have an even tougher road. They need to find more than a job; they need to find a path to a career - but how?

On the other side of the equation are the schools and employers that search to find and attract the best students and job applicants to meet their needs. Colleges and universities spend millions of dollars every year traveling across the country to market their schools and recruit the best and brightest students.

As for athletic recruiters, they not only must consider a student-athlete's ability on the field, but off the field they must also match their academic goals with their school's programs.

Corporations have entire divisions devoted to the searching for and securing of the future of their companies, with very large budgets directed solely toward this inexact science.

Scholarship foundations and trusts can also benefit from Vivolve. Many of these foundations lack the resources and savvy to get their message to the students, causing millions of dollars of aid to sit unused year after year. By using Vivolve to search for candidates that match the scholarship or grant criteria, a foundation can guarantee 100% fund placement each and every year.

To supplement their efforts, corporations, colleges and universities all spend millions of dollars to purchase lists of high school students for use in their direct marketing and recruiting efforts.

Vivolve is the only online venue for members and recruiters to search, locate, and securely communicate with each other, thus ending the "needle in the haystack" approach for both parties. Our primary goal is to facilitate the dialogue between members and recruiters in a secure environment at no cost to either party.

There are more than 16,000,000 public high school students competing for limited scholarship and financial aid dollars. Furthermore, they are searching for employment in an extremely competitive labor market. The importance and potential benefit of Vivolve is clear.

Students visit Vivolve to create a detailed personal profile that includes all vital statistics including their education, interests, goals and achievements. Student-athletes can create a detailed athletic profile that highlights all of their accomplishments in each sport in which they participate.

Students must enter the workforce at some point in time. Some are fortunate enough to obtain a secondary education first, others may choose to either get a part time job while attending higher education classes, and still others may work full time immediately upon graduating from high school. By creating a career profile on Vivolve, a student may highlight all of their life experiences, skills and career aspirations to prospective employers.

In all cases, the profiles are searchable and available to recruiters on a 24/7 basis.

Recruiters can easily search the Vivolve student database to find exact matches for their needs. Recruiters then make a request for contact using the proprietary Vivolve CommCenter. Using Vivolve CommCenter, members review all requests for contact and select the ones to whom they wish to release their profile details. All communications that take place via the Vivolve system can be copied to a parent's email address, affording them the opportunity to monitor the student's profile activity on a regular basis.

Vivolve generates revenue by making select aggregate and individual data available via a web-based portal, on a monthly subscription basis, to product and service companies that target the teen market.

Like recruiters, these subscribers are able to search the data for members who match the exact criteria required for a new product campaign, a focus group, a survey or promotional offer. As is the case with recruiters, the method of contact for the subscribers is exactly the same. A request for contact to the member(s) they have selected is sent, allowing each member the choice of whether or not to participate. All the while, Vivolve and parents can monitor the communications and protect the privacy of its members.

Subscribers have a choice of national, regional, local or custom data subscription plans. Vivolve also offers a range of traditional market research products and services.

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