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Why Vivolve?

Everyone has a choice to make after high school: college, a real job, maybe the military. These choices are important, best not left to chance, but let's be real, help is hard to find. Vivolve is the first-ever site that allows students to create a "life profile" in an easy-to-use format, giving them direction, choices and most importantly, increased exposure. Once a profile is created, a few minutes a week is all it takes to get your very own marketing department in action.

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Is Vivolve another "social entertainment website"?

Absolutely not! Vivolve is very different from all other "social entertainment website" predecessors. In fact, Vivolve isn't really a social entertainment website, rather it is a "socially responsible" website. This is a new and much different category.

While other popular sites seek to entertain millions of registered users, Vivolve serves one main purpose: to create maximum exposure for teens' future opportunities, worldwide. Plain and simple, Vivolve exists to allow teens to leave no stone unturned on their journey to plan the rest of their lives.

Vivolve is confident that teens will see the huge benefit behind creating a slow and steady "life profile", one that takes just minutes at a time to update. This will be a very effective way to chronicle your high school career as it happens, as opposed to waiting until you are near completion of the experience.

Is Vivolve only for seniors in high school?

Vivolve is an amazing FREE service for all teens aged 13 and up and at least a freshman in high school. In fact, if you wait until your senior year in high school, you will have totally cheated yourself. The first ones jumped in get the most benefits, so start piling up the opportunities now.

Can home school students register?

YES! Vivolve values home schooled students and strongly encourages this often "left behind" group of students to fill out their life profiles. In high schools, counselors are available to assist some students seeking help. For home school students, a counselor is not an option. Let Vivolve be your counselor and help you compete on the same playing field as students in high school.

I have dropped out of school but I am looking for a job. Can I still use Vivolve?

Absolutely. Unlike most stuff out there, Vivolve understands that not everyone finishes four years of high school. Should you find yourself in a situation like that, Vivolve could be the perfect tool to aid in job hunting when nobody else is there to offer assistance.

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Does Vivolve guarantee a scholarship or job?

No. The sheer numbers of different jobs, scholarships, and admissions requirements that exist render any such a claim patently impossible. Besides, jobs and scholarships go to students, selected on an individual basis. This is the real secret to getting ahead you know, turning yourself into an individual. What Vivolve will do, what no other service in existence can do, is offer you, the individual, maximum exposure to admissions, athletic and corporate recruiters on a 24/7 basis.

Are there any costs or hidden fees using Vivolve for students or their parents?

Vivolve is absolutely FREE for any fully participating student. Unlike typical profiling sites, Vivolve does not charge students or recruiters, allowing everyone to communicate freely. We can do this because advertisers and partners are picking up the tab. By sticking with this philosophy, the playing field is leveled for everyone from the big city to down home.

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I am a recruiter, is there a fee charged to recruit from the Vivolve database?

Vivolve offers a free basic subscription level for all types of recruiters including; academic, athletic, corporate, military, scholarship administrators, volunteer coordinators and performing and visual arts recruiters. This will allow any recruiter access to the Vivolve recruiter QueryBuilder utilizing our exclusive patent-pending technology. However since one size does not fit all, Vivolve also provides upgraded access packages available for purchase.

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What is the difference between basic access and upgraded access for recruiters?

The primary advantage in upgraded access is the amount of data points that can be searched. Basic access allows any recruiters to search the standard 25 data points, like location, GPA, etc. For many recruiters the 25 standard data points when applied to Vivolve's vast database will be more than enough, yielding thousands of results. However, for scholarship searches, research initiatives and other more detailed applications, more refinement is necessary. Vivolve's upgraded access allows you more efficient, effective and refined queries which dwarf the standard access model offering unprecedented breadth and depth to query packaging and results.

Safety is important, is there a vetting process before someone becomes a registered recruiter or a Vivolve Partner?

Absolutely. EVERY person that registers on behalf of an institution of higher learning or a corporation is carefully vetted. The detailed process includes an upfront requirement that the person must have an organizational email address (and phone number) matching whom they allege to represent. In addition, each person's place of employment is called directly; both their current status and position are verified within the organization before any access is granted. Security is number one for Vivolve so nobody ever gains access without full verification of their identity.

How secure are student's profiles in Vivolve?

By employing multiple levels of security, Vivolve has taken the utmost caution in protecting the integrity of all the data within the Vivolve database. All partners or recruiters must register and then be vetted before they are granted search privileges. Next, a partner must declare area(s) of focus (i.e.: sports, music, clothes) for their product or service. This will ensure that they will never be allowed to contact students that have no interest in their offers. The match is done by linking a student's chosen preferences with the focus of the partners. Once an initial interest request is made through the proprietary Vivolve CommCenter, the student then has the choice to accept or deny the inquiry. If the student accepts the inquiry, only psychographic (preference based) data, (never personal data) is available to the partner. Further interaction such as surveys or product assessments are at the discretion of the student.

Can a student be contacted in their Vivolve CommCenter mailbox from an outside email?

Absolutely not. The Vivolve CommCenter system is a proprietary system using patent-pending technology and has the utmost security. The only way messages can be transferred to the student is through the method spelled out in the previous answer.

Can I delete my Vivolve profile at any time?

Certainly. If you land that dream opportunity, and are no longer in need of assistance from Vivolve, simply contact us with your request to delete your account and your profile will be purged from the system. Don't forget, however, that you still may want to use Vivolve for opportunities after college. Rather than having to re-create all of your info, it might be best to just let your profile lie dormant and ready for a "rainy day".

I am someone that is interested in being a Vivolve Partner, how do I get started?

Please contact us any time regarding your Partner Request and a representative will get back to you very quickly with a host of great options.

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