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Data Subscribers

Subscribe with Vivolve!

Vivolve has brought market research to the next level, revolutionizing the way marketing and customer contact can be conducted. Vivolve Data Subscribers receive real-time, reactive data from an active and growing database of members. In addition, our CommCenter tool allows for active contact of the very customers you are trying to reach!

Compared to traditional mailing lists, there is no comparison!

Active, real-time, updated data

  • Unlimited use of over 6,000 data points gets you vastly more for your money than a one off snapshot.
  • CommCenter - where you can contact the customers you search!
  • Ongoing lifestyle surveys yielding valuable information about top brands and current trends.
  • Customer configurable surveys allow Vivolve to meet the specific needs of our subscribers.
  • Vivolve offers customized pricing including packages geared toward small businesses with tight marketing budgets.

Paying top dollar for stale mail list that can be used just once is now considered a poor investment. With Vivolve you get real time data from an active database and the ability to message the very people you are researching. Marketing made easy, Viviolve!

Contact us today to become a Vivolve Data Subscriber!

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